August 6
Flight Sub Lt. Edward Eastwood.
Dawn Patrol: 3 machines with Marshall leading. We are only able to but 4 machines in the air today. Recon mission, Enemy front sector SW of Menen. Reaching patrol area, Turner, solo in flight B is attacked by 2 HA. Big mistake on their part as they obviously did not see us coming up behind him. I got a few hits in but Reynolds will be filing a claim for both. Formed back up and finished our mission and headed home. CO says "Excellent!"

Evening patrol:B Flight has 4 machines and I make up A flight alone. Recon front lines at Abschmitt. 5 Escorts. I meet the escorts on time and head for patrol area. Nearing patrol area 5 HA attack and I let the escorts have at them. I circle and keep an eye on them hoping Drury can do his spotting. B Flight catches up and as I am forming up with them 3 EIII's come out of nowhere. Next thing I know my right wing is shot up and my controls are a bit sluggish. I dive away into a cloud headed west. Coming out, one of the buggers is still coming for me. I turn to the left, as my kite already wants to go that way and as we pass by each other, Drury give him what for and sends him away smoking. I ease in behind him and finish him off. Not knowing if my machine will make Coudekerqe I head for Bailleul Asylum. We make a shaky landing and are both a little weak kneed getting out of the plane. I owe Capt. Drury a drink.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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