Ace Snodgrass
LT. Rfc
70 Sgn

5 Aug 16.

Morning Parade: Promoted to 2nd Lt.

Mission AF Patrol T/O at 1305 hrs. 5 A/c + 2 Top Cover

Location: South of Buary AF

E/A: Engaged 2 Fokker E-III or E-IV

Ammo Report: Vickers 31 Rds fire No Hits. Tail Gunner: 7 rds fired.

Remarks: B Flt knock down 2 E/A Spotted both Crashes as I flew High Tail End Charlie. Top Cover was not seen during the fight or after. Too Far behind ?

Sgn Status: 12 a/c flyable with 2 in Res. Pilots 14 of 15 .

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