The Roland feels rugged and stable, and is quite easy to fly in WOFF.
I just shot down a Nieuport 11 in her, and then we managed to run away from more of them.

The downward vision is quite bad.
You have a window left and right, and curved cutouts in the upper wings, but still...
If you want to land, you approach the field wagging your wings to check ot wether the runway
in front of you is free, then you balance her out, reduce throttle and "sink into the field".
You now watch through your window and cutouts, how the grass is coming nearer 'till touchdown;
or you look sideways, like I do, and get the right impression from the airfield hangars.
But if ever a mad cow should have the idea to walk onto our field in the wrong moment,
we would have minced meat for burgers!

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