nbryant, you won't even have to fly every day - you'd just advance time next time you can fly.

Yes, there will be three defined ways of using aids (or not).
This is all about collecting real flight hours rather than piling victories, and so auto-pilot or
time-acceleration will not be allowed in any of the three.
If you must answer the phone or whatever, you may press "Pause".

The WOFF skins don't have such layers. They are 1-layer DDS files, which you can convert into BMP files to work on.
You can work them out by copying and pasting parts, and then you can vary the colours and shades and weathering etc.
I'd recommend to use the default squadron skins and just add your own designs to them.
Search the web for IRFANVIEW (free program) for watching and converting the files into BMP;
and also for the free "DXTBmp" for reconverting them into DDS-1 files.

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