Welcome back theultimate (Arthur White RNAS) cheers

Slight change to the web site is that 'times wounded' has been removed as it is not reported on by Olham.

I notice that although the top ranker is Albert Ward RNAS as Squadron Commander (major) the top points scorer is Artemus Burroughs with over 2000 points at 2096.10 biggrin

And the lowest points scorer is ME sigh (Although I have the highest hours for a dead pilot at 30.04) skullhead

I see the instructions on how to fight in the 1 Strutter is to have less than full tanks. Should I try it at 75% or so....?

After Catknights flight I feel a lot happier about flying the strutter. (It seems to work better in WOFF than it did in RL but who am I to complain?)

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