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[quote=Robert_Wiggins] Mesurier lead the flight with Hervey, Shook, myself, Huskisson, and Chadwick accompanying. A flight sent 3 Strutters for the second bombing run. On the approach to the target we encountered 2 EIIIs crossing our path but they did not attack. Our bombing run was successful and we returned to base unharmed.

Just curious, are you flying some of this mission on autopilot? After the bomb drop you look off into the distance for over half a minute but when you turn your head back your plane remains perfectly in formation. I can't look away from my flight for more than a few seconds at a time or I get myself into trouble.

It's interesting to note the difference in viewing style between 'navigators' and 'non-navigators'. My head is never behind the gun, as I am constantly leaning to one side or the other in the cockpit and taking constant peeks down at the ground. Your head stays fixed right behind the gun and almost never looks at the ground.

You do a very good job of spotting aircraft in your area, much better than I manage.


yes some of the mission is on autopilot. If I didn't do that I would have difficulty generating interesting videos. Flying formation and staying within your group would not let me spend long times looking around at the visuals around me. You should notice me scanning over the cockpit edge at the ground below in some of these vids but it is more for video effect than for a need. Do you not notice me lean left or right scanning over the nose sometimes? If I stay with the formation I expect the leader to be concerned with where we are going instead of me. For the bomb runs, I am in auto, again it allows me to switch to external view and observe the bomb damage. I guess the point here is that I enjoy making the vids and therefore compromise on how I fly the mission. That said, if I engage enemy aircraft, all commitment to video presentation goes to hell in a hand basket and you then get whatever happens in raw form. I don't think I personally want to spend the whole mission focused on staying in formation as that is not where I get my jollies so to speak.

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