I have mine set on Light Air Activity, and I think that's a reasonable mandate.

I'd be against altering kill totals. It adds an unnecessary step, and it's not going to be easy to remember with everything going on.

One could always argue that their nation is inflating allowed claims. From what I read the British were particularly atrocious about this: I believe I read that there were 700 claimed/confirmed kills on Fokker D.VIIs in September 1918, and only 800 or so built.

Further, if we make a change that drastic (1 kill per 3 counts), but leave the 11 kills/2 sorties performance alone, that gives an unfair advantage to people who have been lucky up to this point.

If the idea of this trending towards a 'normal' high kill game is disturbing, then my suggestion is to wipe out the incentive (or wipe out its 'damage' to the scoring system.) The current rules effectively makes one kill worth five flying hours - or 4-6 sorties. If the goal of this campaign is survival, then maybe points need to be based only (or at least primarily) on sorties and hours.

I would be in favor of *sharply* reducing the points per confirmed.

Any change has to be retroactive however. Fortunately the campaign is young enough that won't cause much harm, but 'penalizing' players going forward will just make this stand out much more clearly on the scoreboard.

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