Offzstv. Bernhard Harms, Kasta 18, Pronville, 3. August 1916

Yesterday we had failed to reconnoitre an area south of Mercatel, so we had to do it again today.
We were instructed to bring back photos of all new trenches and other installations - it was very
important, and so I led 3 Rolands to the front at 6 h in the morning.
As usual we climbed over "Lake Teardrop" near Epinoy, before we headed west. The weather was fine,
and so I climbed to 3000 Meter. When we arrived, we saw not a single plane in the whole area.
Were we too early for the Englishmen? Not really - their Flak began barking at us, as soon as we
arrived over the recon area - as I said: it must have been important!

We were so wonderfully alone up there, that I did it right this time - we flew 5 times over the
'target' - then my observer, Lt. Klein, clapped on my shoulder; I turned round and he showed me
a thumb-up. Pictures made, notes noted, back to have breakfast.

Only when we turned to fly home, three distant specs appeared from the north. They recieved no
British Flak, and so I decided to dive away. With over 200 km/h we performed our "back-to-base"
rush, and the specs didn't even try to follow - or they hadn't seen us.
Scrambled eggs with crispy bacon, self-baked bread, butter, marmalade and a freshly brewed coffee
tasted better after the early-morning cold up there than anything I had ever eaten before.

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