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Yes Olham, I really don't understand why it was issued to Albert. I mean, what criteria did he meet?

Maybe he is brave as a lion, fought like a lion - and perhaps he even looks like one
(the nickname "Mushroom" suggests a guy with a "lion style" haircut to me).

Naw, seriously - you should enjoy the in-WOFF-medal; your pilot is really doing great
and I am expecting to see more awards and stuff in the future, if only he can make it
to stay alive as long as any possible.

Lou has a WW1 library which the Smithsonian would envy him for, and I trust him,
that he knows - if not all - then still by far the most about the WW1 "bling bling"
(maybe followed by our forum's Hasse) around our ranks here.
So I feel that we are in good hands with Lou's guidelines - even if that should mean
that I might possibly NEVER earn a "Blue Max". biggrin

Now - DiD medal or not - I think you should buy the drinks today, Robert - what do
you say, Lou and all?

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