Well, my pilot bit the big wiener on a railway bombing run. I was the lone bomber with 5 DH2"s for escort. I got over the target but could not find it (I fly between A and B, only bring up map or tac when lost) and had to circle a bit before spotting it. The escorts had zoomed off so I knew the Huns were around but wanted to complete the mission you know. Well I really creamed the railyard but an EIII caught up with me before crossing the lines. If I would have dropped my bombs and ran the second the escorts disappeared I would still be alive.

I will continue but I don't know for how long. A serious neck and back injury means I cannot sit for long spells without pain I don't care to have. I usually use time advance to shorten my missions. Do not read into this that I want to change the rules, I don't. We all have our limitations. It is a blast though!

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