The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

5 Aug 1916 @ 05h47 Railyard attack of Loos Junction North of Lens

Hill lead the flight with Myself, Booker, Hervey, Parsons, and Huskisson accompanying.
A flight sent two Strutters piloted by Soar and Chadwick following. The flight was uneventful until we approached Haubourdin aerodrome. Hill spotted two enemy craft approaching and gave signal to attack. I stayed high and observed the action keeping an eye open for more Huns. I took the opportunity to attack Loos Junction but my bombs fell short. Circling around I noticed 4 more huns in the distance and so decided to turn for home but not before downing a Hun sausage north of the Junction. As I approached the Lys River south of La Gorgue I was surprised to see an enemy machine had followed me all the way back. I circled our Observation balloon and waited for him to catch up to me. When he did we danced a bit and I finally shot him down. I then turned for home and landed safely. Hill, Booker, Parsons and Huskisson each had light damage to their strutter with 2 days repair required. Hervey and Parsons each got an EIII.. Soar who was with A flight got one EIII but was lightly wounded and his observer killed.
Hill and Chadwick (with A flight) damaged the Loos Junction nicely.

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5 Aug 1916 @ 13h34 Railyard attack of Loos Junction North of Lens

Escort of 2 Nieuport 11s from RNAS-1 out of Furnes airfield.

Hill lead the flight with myself accompanying. A flight sent one Strutter to follow.
We had a fairly clear sky with scattered cirrus clouds. The flight to the target area was uneventful until the approach for the bomb run. Hill spotted two EIIIs and gave chase. I tangled with one and put some rounds into him and broke away to make a run at the Junction. Both Hill and I hit the Junction causing some damage. I bagged another Balloon at the same location as the morning mission. I suspect they wont be too quick to put up another one. We all returned to base safely.

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