18 June 1916

Today we get up early and take off at 05:30 to surprise the enemy and bomb Ghistelles airfield. 6 Strutters and we pick up our escort of 5 Nieuport 11 near Furnes. With such a force I feel confident !
As we get 2.5 nm from our target, we spot a flight of 3 Eindeckers coming from the South, a little higher than us. Of course, instead of going to intercept them, the stupid escort leader sticks with us. Of course my stupid leader instead of keeping on mission track and drop our bombs on the airfield decides to turn right to meet the Eindeckers. Of course all the Eindeckers ignore the 10 other planes and go after me. They put some hits in my plane and I feel my controls are damaged.
I drop my bombs and turn around going west full steam. As I come on the good side of the lines my engine goes down to idle revs and I land on the road to Furnes. Plane lightly damaged, nobody wounded, they will send vehicles to bring it back with us at Coudekerque.
None of the other 5 planes of my flight made it back, there is a price to pay for being stupid ! Not enough observers left, afternoon mission cancelled.

PS : Wednesday report done !

EDIT : plse note the softer shadows with the new DX9 version from Ankor.

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