My 9th sortie went a bit hairy again, after some quieter trips.
We had to do some art.obs. south of Arras, but there were Nieuport 11 or 16 above the area.
They attacked my comrades at 2000 meters, while I was higher up. I counted at least three
of the little devils, and so I rushed down to drive them off.
I really hit one of the Nupes, and the Frenchman was quite shocked and headed west.

Only when I turned, he tried to get after me. I turned and hit his craft hard enough, that
he lost some feathers and turned away again.
But now - Razz! Zapp! Pew! Tonk! Tonk! - I collected hits on my Roland. An Airco DH-2 came
down on me like the devil in a lift!
My engine lost power, and I went down steeply and away from the lines.
I reduced throttle, and the craft sank lower and lower. I wouldn't reach Riencourt, and so
I decided to put it down east of Croisilles.
From the ground we watched how Hptm. Baermann drove the DeHavilland back over the lines.

Later we heard, that Observer Neugebauer had shot one Nieuport down.
Also, my second victory - the one over the Farman - got confirmed! Hptm. Baermann sent our
ZbV Reithmann to organise some Champagne to celebrate our victories this evening!

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