Thanks for the condolences folks. The "Survive" and "Realism" part of my brain are having a war of their own. I just do not think for realism sake that a pilot would have abandoned a mate to save his hide, or not attacked with his flight as commanded. I am sure it was done but I have read to many accounts of pilots risking their lives to save another in a fix. I have to do the same to keep the immersion factor going. On the other hand I have learned in this campaign that when your adversary breaks off, your in hostile territory, and have a few holes in your own crate, leave well enough alone and head home. Or, if outnumbered, put as many holes in as many as you can and look for an escape route instead of trying to bring one down. If you fly with Major Hawker in RFC 24, true to life, he "attacks everything." I would think in real life if you flew with him and broke off too many combats early, you might not be flying too long, so I dive in with him and do the best I can. By the way, this is a lot of fun!

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