This is frustrating! Benjamin Bloodworth bit the dust this morning. Ballon busting mission. Popped the ballon, Major Hawker looked like he flew right into it. Once I pulled up and looked around saw 1 dot in the distance. Flew to it, one of my flight, and he starts to circle waiting for all to form up. I'm thinking "lets get the hell out of Dodge." One more forms up with us and that's when the Huns show up. Dispatched one of them and received a few bullets in my crate fighting off two. Now I am alone so I head west. Over the mud I see another of my flight being chased by another Hun. Run home or help? Sorry but I just can't watch him die. Dive down and get that one off his tail and head west again. My kite is not 100%, a little sloppy on the stick so to speak. The flight mate I just saved landed in a field and I head toward our field. About 3 miles on our side of the lines I have bullets hitting my kite. The DH2 has a big ol' blind spot when attacked from above and behind. Slightly wounded I head for the ground quick to land in a field, being peppered the whole time. Just before touch down, yep, you guessed it, a damned fence!

I understand this Campaign is about survival but I just cannot let my flight go on its own when someone needs help. That said, I cannot think of an campaign that I had almost 10 hours and 1 victory, so I am flying somewhat defensive. As for the rules, when I get to a pilot named Ziggy Zipper, am I out?

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