Augustus Snodgrass
Sgt, Rfc
5 Sqn

19 Jun 16.

Much Ado about Nothing. Posted to the Recon Flight going to Ypres. Our 2 a/c were at 7,000 ft and crossing the lines.
Spotted 6 Aviatik 2 seat Recon slightly above. Started a slight turn to gain an attack position, looking to the right and low saw our top cover 3 A Flight a/c at 2000ft or less going for the target ?. Coming up behind us at about 1 nm was 2 Fokkers. Cut and run, leveling off at 300 ft on our side of the lines, my wingman made a 180 and engaged? I made a 180 to the Right and crossed in front of him. Both gunners fired and the Huns went home . Why ? we were cold meat.

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