Ace Snodgrass
2LT Rfc
70 Sqn

12 Aug 16;

Wx: Clouds Broken 3-5000 ft Rain and Dark gloomy skies

My old wing mate Beanlands reported in for the Morning Parade. Only to suffer a Lt Wnd by the afternoon.

B flight of 6 macnines got into a Bar room Brawl over St Vasst. The flight ran into a 5 or 6 a/c bomber group Escorted by 4-5 Fokkers. As #4 a/c I followed the flight into the swirling mess of a/c. Climbing after the 2 Seat types I got 2 Green painted Fokkers on my tail. T did a 180 turn and got inside and lower firing as I went even my rear seater got off numerous 3 shot bursts as they passed by or went over us. Repeat the tactic over again and again. More twisting and turning Firing. Before we could finally break away, I had shot off 201 Rds of Vickers and my Rear Gunner 97 rds No kills , but we went home.

Remarks: I did see 1 E-III in a spin and saw a smoking a/c headed down. B Flight lost 3 Dest ( 1 a Flamer) 1 Lt damage with a wnd pilot. 1 Gunner KIA Claims: ? 1 e/a + damage among the scout types.

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