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What you experience much more than me, of course, is the "What if I'm far into enemy terrain?..."
I hardly ever have that feeling, cause we never do that.
That is IMHO the toughest fear on the Entente side (well, maybe second, after: falling burning).

funny you should mention that... as it is quite unnerving. While in No.1 with the morane Basel had a whole week, yes seven days, of very offensive patrols to Zebrugge area, and that was deep. From 7 missions I only had escort for 4 and even then they fly straight to target so its pretty much lonely at 7000ft. Had a few engines go dud but mostly near my field...a dud engine on one of those long flights would of been my end...... but that adds to the suspence. All you Huns pilots complain about are the LARGE number of N11's waiting for you.

only kidding

make mistakes and learn from them

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