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Hey guys, just curious if anybody else is occasionally getting 'shorted' on the mission times. I just had two long missions for which I got about half-credit on the hours flown: on a 2 hour flight WOFF credited me with only 53 minutes and then on a 1.5 hour flight WOFF credited me with only 47 minutes. (I'll never catch Lou at this rate!!)

I am flying these missions in real time and checking the actual time on my clock, so know I am getting short changed. It seems to happen more often on the really long flights, and only on about one mission in five (?)

Anyone else seen this, or it just something particular to my install?

Scout, I feel your pain. I have experienced this time discrepancy many times over the years, first in OFF and now in WOFF. When you are flying in real time it really does hurt. I imagine it is an artifact of CFS3 and not an easy one to fix or the devs likely would have done so by now.


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