Benjamin Bloodworth, Bombing front lines:
A very lazy flight. Made it to the target and dropped our eggs and headed home. Not a Hun in sight. That is until I was making my final approach to the airfield and my observer swings his gun over my head! What the hell! An EIII had followed us back to base and I never saw him. A few bursts from my gunner sent him away and we were ready for breakfast. Final report was our bombs did some good.

Afternoon flight saw us bombing front lines again. Just before dropping our bombs I can see 4 Fokkers headed our way. I was hoping that the Nieuports could hold them off so we could get this bloody mission over with! We dropped our load and I found myself alone. I put her in a steep dive and headed home with as much speed as this old bird could stand. Upon landing I was told all others in my flight had crashed and 1 pilot and 1 Observer was killed.

What about my bloody transfer! Still not approved I am told. Well at least I have lived today. I might sneak into town tonight and see whats about at the local tavern.

I am flying no labels, compass, altimeter, and speed, in the corner, with the little ammo, fuel, dohickie thing on. I fly by map unless I get totally lost and then bring up the TAC. I also use the TAC to see what altitude I am "supposed" to be flying at when I am leader. Class B as far as this Campaign is concerned.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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