Today WOFF wanted to send me on a solo mission in my DH2 behind enemy lines with no escort. Suicide! I tried to get a different mission but without success. Of course I was the flight leader, so set off as per usual but as I reached the lines did a ctrl-R and went happily back to base. No questions were asked. Now the date has moved to the 27th so I'll have to wait until tomorrow before fying again.

I have also put in a request for transfer to no 70 squadron which is (I think) the only RFC squadron with the 1 Strutter at this time.
Is this a good idea? The DH2 worries me a bit but it is easy to land.... I now have 21.75 hours.

When Albert bites the dust I will have a go at a B level pilot. I am already using Lou's maps instead of the in-sim maps. Maybe this makes me a C+ pilot instead of a C? I suppose that if I rename the in-sim .dds map to something else the 'M' key will not work? That would take away the temptation of hitting the 'M' when lost mycomputer

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