Welcome back, Aris - don't sit on the fence - join the battle!

Good to see you got started, Buck!

Lou, great, if you can assist with skins here - there may be more Belgian flyers in the future,
when they see the list of planes they might fly.
And to your question: did he buy any rounds yet? Well, if he did I was too drunk to remember it.
Better we start all over again.

Robert, I just tried something out: I lowered the sound for your YouTube videos to "5",
and then I played a compilation of modern German "Krautrock" while watching them;
instrumentals with electric guitars, bass and drums - although not really time-related,
it worked amazingly well together IMHO.

Geeze, this week was a mess of social and other duties, but now i hope to be able to fly 2-4 missions
with my "Walfisch" in the DiD Campaign.

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