Well this is a sim, and we have to take what is given to us from the computer. I fly "B" in medium, even with other pilots, and thus far on the Somme front if I bump into the Hun he is either in 2-4 EIII's, or an F'en armarda, when I turn tail and run for it.

My personal thought on the campaign was that I am flying to "live" and tell the grandkids about it. I actually do feel bad about leaving my AI Comrades to thier fate sometimes, but then they do some dumb things at times.

Perhaps we could consider that the 2-seater missions were/are important just as much stopping them too. Thus the situation is created that straight dogfights don't realy mean much. If your in a Scout squadron and you can prevent a 2-seater from doing his work or making sure he don't get home then perhaps you should get more pts for that. And if your the 2-seater then every successful mission should also get more pts. etc....

The fact is, that the Sim will credit us with kills and award medels regardless how we fly this Campaign.

correction..I was wrong.
Dogfights actually do stop the enemy scouts from getting at ones own 2 seaters....if you win that is

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