Ace Snodgrass
2LT, Rfc
70 Sgn

10 Aug 16.

Morning Patrol of the lines West of Beau Humel. No e/a contact. Spotted 2 spots to our East on the enemy side, then 2 more to the West, then 1 dot that became 5 across from us and another 2 dots at lower level. RTB

Posted as B Flight Commander 4 a/c for a hop to the coast Security Patrol. Top cover came from A flight of 3 a/c which we lost sight of in the towering white fluffy clouds. Sad to report that on the hop back My old wing mate Beanlands motor went U/s leaving a trail of black smoke as he spiraled down into a field. Flew at full power to
St. Andre A.F. and reported the down machine.


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