Augustus Snodgrass
Sgt, Rfc
70 Sgn

July 29th 1916.

1001 Hrs;The Adj posted me to a 6 a/c Bombardment mission to Vimy Rail Spur. Intell suggested that a Ammo Train was parked there. Flew as #6, spotted a full Jasta ( 10 a/c) circling around Vimy. The Jasta split up into 2 flights and my flight attacked. I endeavored to go on to target but got boxed in by 2 Hun machines. Everyman for himself,pickeled the bombs and got 11 shots off before the Vickers Jammed. I dove under the e/a and my rear seater fired 8 rds. No Hits. But soon we were free and clear.

Results: 1 Hun E-111 claimed. Losses: B flight 1 forced down Pilot and gunner Wnd. 1 Dest all killed.
A Flight 1 Dest crew presumed Killed.

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