Olham and I are still working out the details of scoring. Whatever we do it will be the same for everybody. It is simple at the moment but will become difficult when pilots fly in different difficulty areas or the difficulty for the same area changes with time.

For the moment, can I backtrack on what I asked before. ALL HOURS ENTERED ON THE WEB SHOULD BE TOTALS. (otherwise I have to add them up which is next to impossible to get right).

So, as an example, if you have done two sorties of 1.5 hrs and 1.4 hours at HOTSPOT then you should capture:

Hours: 2.9 Hotspot Hours 2.9 Medium hours 0 Quiet Hours 0 sorties 2

If you then move to a squadron in a Medium area and fly 1.3 hour sortie, then capture:

Hours: 4.2 Hotspot Hours 2.9 Medium hours 1.3 Quiet Hours 0 sorties 3

ps. If you get it wrong for some reason then capture it again. I mostly look at the latest post.

And I do not check that you are putting your hours under the correct sector difficulty level. I trust you to get that right.

Olham and I are doing well (except he is dead and I was 'forced down' on my second sortie).

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