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MFair, what vid capture program did u finally decide on? The vid looks good. I noticed a couple of times that the image of the struts on your Strutter would horizontally split when you scanned quickly past them. I don't know if there is anything you can do about that. It may be a performance issue but no big deal. I notice you check your six regularly but always over your left shoulder when turning left. It is always good to scan the opposite side once or twice to see that it is clear of enemy. Otherwise a very nice first time vid mate.

Thanks to Lt. Casey starting a thread on video capture a few days ago I find out I already had "shadowplay" on my puter. Told you I was a computer dumb ass. I have not played with it much as I was learning a bit about it and how to post a video last night. I have 60fps in normal fight and only saw them fall in the mid 50's during a fight, so no frame rate loss to speak of. I did not notice the struts. I will have to go back and look. So far I am well pleased with shadowplay. Thanks for the hints. I will have to look over my other shoulder more.

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