This is the looong thread of the "DiD Campaign Revival" - Rules updated last on 3 May 2015.

[Flanders map by from RAF_Louvert. Download link and division line by Robert_Wiggins.]

Full-size Map for download


The Belgians are now in the campaign. Since there are no Belgian units, each flyer must find himself
a French unit near the North Sea coast, which used the desired aircraft the Belgians also used.
We must improvise. The Farman pushers will be represented by the FE.2b (Farman Experimental 2b).
The Hanriot can be "played" by the Sopwith Camel. Nieuports and Strutters are available.

RAF_Louvert and I will provide Belgian flyers with several standard and ace skins with Belgian markings.
These skins will be available in the "Donload Section" at COMBAT ACE, or as a JSGME-ready version
provided by Robert_Wiggins.


There seem to be no French two-seater units available in June 1916, which is a real pity.
For this reason, the French pilots must absolve 3 hours of training flights.


You can have only one pilot at one time.
You can only change the NATIONALITY or the LEVEL for each new pilot, after the demise of old one.

Campaign Start

The "DiD Campaign Revival" will start on June 7, 2014.
If you still have questions, pls ask - but make sure you have read the first page of this thread -
there might be further updates over time.


Just use this link, enlist and send your pilot's records here:

Flanders North or Flanders South

To help you determine if your pilot's area of operation is Flanders North or South,
I have made the above Flanders map after RABU's original OFF maps.


As a German Marineflieger (Naval pilot) you start with the rank of "Vizeflugmeister".
The British RNAS pilots start with the lowest available rank - there are fewer ranks only.


Since we saw, that victories would sometimes be 5 or more in a single sortie in WOFF.
Not the flyers' fault, and therefor they can hardly do much about it, when such fights happen.
To come to more realistic-looking victory tallies, the counting of victories will be like this:

1 - 3 victories per sortie = 1
4 - 6 Victories per sortie = 2
more than 6 vic per sortie = 3

Each pilot will count his victories accordingly, and report the result then.

ADDITIONAL RULES - Use of time compression and auto-pilot
Both are allowed for B and C pilots. For A-pilots they are both forbidden.

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