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What, you guys don't hear voices when you fly? biggrin

Well, maybe I overhear them - I am usually talking to myself very loud (to overshout the engine noise):
"More to the left! Left!!! Careful! Don't pull the stick too hard!
Right! Right!! Don't touch that! The compass shows strange values!
That isn't the compass, idiot, that's the altimeter! Repeat that - altimeter!
Aw, p*ss off, you know-all!"
...and so on.

The Aviatik sounds like THE job for patient Fins, Hasse!

Good to hear from our new pilots, Robert and piedro!
Will read all whilst having my dinner!

Jim, great to hear your SSD and WOFF made peace with each other!
Don't worry, Jim, I want to fly one more today, and then I'll make my entries.
If you could send me the chart tomorrow midday, that should be fine.
If not, you can perhaps send it in the evening?

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