Kaische : "For me the dots do enhance the realism, because with a trained fighter eye you are able to see the E/A much earlier than they are easily visible on a computer screen (at least without zooming in too much...), and the dots level this a little bit. "

Agree with you on this point, but 6 - 7 km seems a long distance (mine are set at 3 km to keep some feeling of surprise) I would say 4 km is a good compromise because if you see them too much ahead you have a lot of time to react and you loose some interest imho.

I was always also interrogative with the "zoom" function, I don't think the guys were flying with variable magnification binoculars. (in my own campaigns I fly with a fixed view level, one click before total zoom out)
Which means the "dots" could be more realistic than the "zoom". (Except that it is a bad thing that they show through your plane) So I guess it's all compromise between game and reality !

My 2 cents, will only start in September anyway ! smile2

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