DiD Campaign Records

The mistakes in the R.I.P. Chart are now (hopefully) all corrected.
As I was at it, I also changed/improved it a bit more - hope you like it.

I want to add another column in the "DiD Campaign Chart" - "Nationality".
Here every simmer would enter, from which country his pilot comes.
Germans are usually just from Germany of course, but the British pilots could actually be
from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and godknowswhere else.
And since some of us live in one of these countries, I thought it might be a nice addition.
Haven't told Jim yet - I hope he won't strangle me!

PS: the previous column "Nation" will then be called "Air Force", so we still see where
everyone is flying. What do you think about that?

PPS: for the already fallen pilots you could add their nationality.

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