I have noticed that some pilots complain about missing data. One thing you must all remember about the web survey is that you MUST hit 'submit' at the last page. If you get there and close your browser NOTHING will result.

Butttt.... I missed HASSE's capture of Sunday 22nd. Fixed now and I can tell you that your pilot Albrecht Niemann has 4 sorties, 4.18 hours and 83.6 points. Apologies for that - I had a lot of submissions that day.

ps. you can submit data at any time - it does not have to be Wednesday or Saturday. Now will do!

And if you know that your submission was incorrect just do it again - I take the latest one for the chart.

And I will add 'Hasse' to the list of pilots so you don't have to pick "other" - this is where the problem started.

NB: medals question has been removed - RAF_Louvert will assign medals and Olham will put them in his chart.

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