This is going to be a great addition to an already life consuming experience. Although I would not mind beginning in '15 I agree that the frequency of encounters leaves something to be desired so I can agree with '16. ALso, like you explained Olham, one flight a day would be what most of us could fit in, three would be a bit much. Another question Olham. Will you provide a definition of "aids"? As an example, would use of auto-pilot at anytime in the flight lessen the possible overall flight rating? Or time acceleration?

One last thing for now...... and it really isn't related directly to this, but.... it sure would be nice to have blank aircraft templates to allow us to easily create our own schemes for this experience. I know you can work the aircraft provided but it's not as easy or as fast as having an available template that only has a few layers (color level, shading level and weathering level as examples). Just wishing out loud here! biggrin

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