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Edward Eastwood
Afternoon Patrol.
I stood in silence as the Major told me I was to take my kite and hit a rail junction way southeast of Bethune. "Alone Sir?" I asked. "Of course not Eastwood, take your gunner with you, you idiot! Is there a problem?"
"No sir" I said and walked out to my machine shaking like a leaf. The Major called out, "One machine will attract less attention Eastwood." Less attention my arse!
We took off and climbed out to 12,000'. At Bethune I turned southeast and flew my way across the mud, looking constantly for any HA. When we made the target it was socked in with cloud. "Well Eastwood I tells myself, you have 2 choices. Go down low over Hunland and find the target or unload right here and get the hell out." I did not take long to make my decision. Down go the bombs and west goes my nose! Made it back without incident. I need a drink!

I've read this 4 or 5 times now and its still funny! Great report, MFair thumbsup

A lot of you guys are writing really good reports! I'm not that creative, but I'll try to add reports best I can smile2

Thank you Bucksnort. I appreciate that. As Robert says, no need to try to jazz it up, its just nice to see how everyone else is fairing. Welcome back ArisFuser.

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