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THANKS guys, but 10 days without flying,...I thing it was too costly....

The lethality in WOFF is quite hard; that's why I said we should put the "guns accuracy"
to "less accurate" - I had hoped that the attackers would hit us less hard.
But it seems hardly to be possible NOT to get wounded, once there is a scrap.

I have started a new pilot, and the feller lived to tell the tale - but in hospital (until 13 June).


Bernhard Harms, Kasta 18, Pronville, Flanders
10. Juni 1916

On my first sortie with my new Staffel, Kasta 18, I had the honour to lead a flight of 2 Roland C.II and 2 Aviatik.
We climbed north 'till we hit the road Arras-Cambrai; then we followed it to Gumappe southeast of Arras.
Our recon area was between Gumappe and Croisilles, and we collected some good information and photos.
But then we came under attack - three Sopwith Strutter made any further reconnaissance impossible, and I fired a
green flare for "return to base".
Then I saw Holzmann's Aviatik in distress. A Sopwith peppered him from close on. I went to help, and I fired at the
Englishman and shot some pieces of fabric off his wings, which made him think of having tea time rather.
But Holzmann went down steeply and crashed - there was nothing I could do, and the helplessness felt very bad.
In the next moent though, I had no more time to think about it: another Strutter opened fire on us, and I pushed
stick forward and dived back over the lines. One round hit my shoulder, before my gunner could drive the Tommy off.
Now I have to remain quiet with a bandaged right arm for three days - which means: office work.
I hate the office stuff. I want to go back out and pay them back.

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