DiD Campaign Medal Awards - 30 June 1916

The commander of No. 24 Squadron, RFC, Major Hawker, enters the mess, where the pilots are all assembled at the long table.
All pilot rise from their chairs, while the Major speaks to them.

"Gentlemen, we have amongst our ranks a young flyer, who received an awards for his recent achievements with our fine squadron.
I want to read to you this letter I received from High Command!"

"Let me be the first to congratulate you to this award, Sergeant Burroughs - you well deserved this!"

In a similar event as the above, the commander of No. 13 Squadron, RFC, reads the following letter to
Sergeant Algernon Didsworth at the airfield Savy. He congratulates him and hands to him the
British Military Medal with the King's letter.

Furthermore, the recipient RAF_Louvert has flown more than 25 hours now, for which he receives the

WOFF DiD Campaign Medal for 25 Hours

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