Hasse, when I read your reports, I'm wondering if Flanders north is really only a "medium" activity zone?
Maybe I shouldn't have split it up according to the real war events. Sorry, but your zone WILL eventually
earn you more points, when it becomes "hot".

Originally Posted By: JimAttrill
Can I get an Ehrenbacher in the RFC? Well, I have one victory (somwhat accidental).

Sure, Jim, you could get one too - if you convert to the German side! biggrin

Originally Posted By: JimAttrill
I have discovered that cowardly fleeing is the only way to stay alive here!

Well-ll... If you wanna climb the ladder of success and carreer, you should perhaps name it different.
You could say: "Flying smart, and to know when it's time to retreat is part of staying alive."
Doesn't that sound a whole lot better. A public relations manager taught me that. biggrin

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