First things first. Congratulations to the flyers who have make the 25 Hour mark! It is something for us to shoot for. LtCasey. Man, its bad enough to be taken out by the enemy, but your on squadmates. Whew.

Sub Flight Lt. Edward Eastwood.
Aug. 3, 1916
Dawn patrol: Arty spotting. 2 machines. CO says this is a speciall assignment. (Kind of feel like Crawford and Uncle in Aces High). Flight to target was uneffentfull except for some Avitacks and EIII's northwest of Armentieres. They keep to their job so we keep to ours. As we start our spotting, 3 HA close in from the west. Ashby dives in and I stay high to judge. As they pass under us I roll over and get behind one and send it down. Climbing back up a Hun crosses my path and with a few bursts explodes into a ball of flame and wreckage. Ashby is no where to be seen and this being a special assignment, I finish the spotting and head home. Ashby came in shortly after.

Evening Patrol: Bomb Harbourdin airbase. 5 machines and 6 escorts. Turner dropped out with engine trouble. The rest make it to target and unload. Light Archie. All safe Back at base. CO says "Good Show!"

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