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Ok I have the following data for Mfair.
1) Albert Andrews 6 RFC Dead with 2.17 hours Flanders North.
2) Benjamin Bloodworth 6 RFC and then 24 RFC 2.73 hours Medium
3) Benjamin Bloodworth 24 RFC 11.03 hours 5.11 hotspot and 5.92 medium Dead hit Titanium Fence.
4) Charles Chatterly 5 RNAS 2.8 hours medium
5) Marc LeFair(?) 5 RNAS 6.58 hours medium
6) Charles Chatterly RFC 24 13.48 hours 1.26 hotspot Flanders South 12.22 medium now wounded from Bertangles.

See he has moved from 5 RNAS to 24 RFC.

Seems OK to me. No 5 was finger trouble.

That is correct Jim. I saw the new chart but figured Olham had enough on his plate and it would get sorted out in a week or 2. Albert A., Dead. Benjamin B. Dead. Charles C. started in RNAS5, transferred to RAF24 and promptly got his ass shot and will be in the hospital until the 17th. Corsaire, see log I posted a few pages back when Olham was questioning my unauthorized flight to see the farm girls.

Marc LeFair was a mix up between the DID Campaign and Ricks Spad Campaign, or the onset of Alzheimer's, which ever you prefer.

On a navigation note: I have been flying a DH2 campaign on my own and have found how easy it is to navigate by compass and map.(Thanks again Lou!) After a few flights you don't even have to look at the map that much once you learn a few landmarks. Sure makes for a total immersive sim. In 10 missions I have only been "lost" once. That was when we were to escort some recy aircraft and I followed the wrong 2 aircraft! Thanks again for the tips everyone gave me. They were a big help!

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