I have never liked using victories as a way of judging success in a WWI combat flight sim campaign as it generally proves very little and eventually leads to issues, just as it is here. Our RL counterparts were flying to gather information, range guns, and attack ground targets. Shooting at each other while flying simply evolved out of the primary roles. I've always felt there should be far more importance placed on completing missions and staying alive than on kills, and scoring should be set to reflect that. A kill should count as a single point in the grand scheme of things. Further, it should be split in the case of two-seater victories, 1/2 a point for the gunner and 1/2 a point for the pilot.

My advice would be to change the point values for kills as noted and increase the value for completed missions and flying hours. The 'aces' will still end up with an advantage anyway because of the medals and how they are awarded in the sim.

Just my opinion, based on many hours helping to organize and flying in online campaigns and facing this issue many times in the past.

Still, a great campaign, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how long folks can survive in it. yep




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