Aug. 12 RNAS 4
Flight Lt. Edward Eastwood.

Capt. Drury, my gunner, and I were sitting in the mess playing cards today when we heard an aircraft approaching. We thought at 1st it might be one of our replacements coming in so we went out to have a look. Whats this? A DH2 was coming in. Must be having problems or lost. The pilot, a Capt. Artemus Burroughs, taxies his craft around and does not even switch off the engine. "Looking for a Lt. Eastwood" he yells as we approach. That would be me Sir," I yell back. He tosses a small box to me, says he is to drop this off at Coudekerque for me. He then gives me the once over and yells over his engine, "Don't know why I had to make a special trip, you don't look very important to me!" Then he guns his engine and off he goes. I open the box and find I have been given a medal! Wow! This was unexpected.

Thanks for all of your work Lou. It is most appreciated.

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