Yeah, I wanted it simple.
And correct.
And fair.
I wanted it simple, correct and fair.
And good-looking.
And easy to valuate.
So I wanted it simple, correct, fair, good-look...
Ah, I'll come in again!

(after the sketch "The Spanish Inquisition" by "Monty Python's Flying Circus" winkngrin )

Lou, that is great - you had the valuation charts already made!
Sorry for not looking into that link.

So well, let's keep it simple: Lou, I would like to promote you to be the CoC himself.
You just need to look over my chart once or twice every week, and tell me which medals
anyone would receive. I will then add them into the chart, before I publish it.
an you live with that promotion, Sir?

I knew it would be hard to keep it simple - but it was worth trying...

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