I've been away for a few days ... quite a bit of turmoil to digest. I'll throw in my thoughts, for what they are worth.

Two five-kill missions in a row is ridiculous, as already well stated. Hopefully that was a really weird fluke. Maybe let's not panic unless it starts happening on a regular basis.

I will suggest that flying "full real" is one good cure, as you don't magically see all the enemy planes ... you get into less fights and when a fight starts the enemies tend to disappear quickly. I know, I know, I am a nut about this and do go on about it (sorry), but if you want realistic results then maybe turn off the "magical powers" and rely on eyeballs alone?

MEDALS: WOFF awards us medals, so I suggest lets not make more work and complication with a whole new medal system. Keeping it simple sounds good to me. I am flying two-seaters and don't care about medals; if I want medals I can switch to fighters (which I don't plan to do, as I am here to survive hours and missions).

VICTORY POINTS: The idea of DID was to reward hours survived and not promote hunting, so I am not a fan of giving out big points for victories or medals. One point for a victory seems about right.

AIR ACTIVITY: Flying in a 'medium hot' region (Flanders North) I have so far run into Eindeckers almost every flight with 'regional air activity' setting at medium. That's too much action, so turning down regional air activity a notch as mentioned seems to be an idea worth looking at.