Best of luck for the house move, lederhosen.

A great success for 29 squadron today! We were on the morning patrol in grey and dismal skies over Messines when the Flight Leader, 2nd Lt Bowman tracked down a flight of 5 Aviatiks at the low altitude of 7000ft. They were heading west so I believe they were a bombing raid.

Bowman had us stalk them some distance before engaging. One bomber turned and ran after the initial attack and soon a second turned to run, followed by sergeant Long. I remained with Bowman and the three remaining machines. Bowman caused a third to run for home before attacking the leader of the raid. (yes, he is a historical ace as is Long)

As he did so I dived underneath the remaining two seater and got within 70 yards before firing a burst into the back and rear of the fuselage. During the attack I bobbed a bit above the enemy's tail and saw no return fire, perhaps the observer was already dead.

This pilot turned for home as Bowman's final victim went into a dive. I pulled out to the right and was hit by a spray of bullets. The observer isn't dead then.

Now this Aviatik and I were alone, as Bowman and Long had disappeared. I crept up underneath the machine again and made a second and third long burst of fire into the enemy. I tried to rake the engine and prop.

After the third burst, the Aviatik keeled over in the air. No return fire. It dived away and I watched as it crashed into no-man's land far below. A white cloud was probably splinters from the wood.

Returning home alone, Sgt Long rejoined me as I was landing. I found that Long and Bowman had both claimed two enemy aircraft destroyed. I added the fifth making it the most successful day the squadron had ever seen!