Maeran, you're not the only one who is getting pestered by fragile, but nevertheless cheeky single-seat kites!
We are always getting chased by Nieuports - a real nuisance!

Offzstv Bernhard Harms, Kasta 18, Pronville, 17. Juni 1916

Two sorties flown today. My first after getting wounded. But I had not missed anything
much - the whole Staffel had remained grounded for daysdue to the very bad weather.

07:00 h Takeoff for an art. spot. mission SE of Arras. Ten minutes into the flight
I had to return to base - my engine lost more and more performance.
Fired a yellow flare for Hansmann, to take my flight over.

14:30 h Takeoff for another art.obs. mission east of Mercatel.
Huge white cumulus clouds, but perfect vision.
Zeidler led the flights of 3 Roland C.II and 1 Aviatik (Hensler).
All seemed fine, we made our observations and returned to Pronville.
But on the way home, 15 km northeast of our base we got attacked by 2 Nieuport 11.
We Rolands pushed and dived away, and so they attacked the single Aviatik.
I was not the leader and could not do anything, but I felt we had badly left Hensler alone.
He made it back, but his observer was lightly wounded.

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