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Close scrape today. Ordered to attack the railyard north of Loos (why? the DH2 can't carry bombs. Does HQ know this?) I strafed the train that was in, but got shot up by machine gun fire and sprung a leak in my fuel tank. I raced for the lines but wasn't over them before the engine stopped!

This is the end, old chum, I thought. I landed as safely as I could (dodging a post caused me to shred a lower wing) and expected to be taken prisoner.

The debrief said I was forced to land, but fortunately made it back to friendly territory! Must have been a close

That's when you go from total disappointment to the sigh of relief and joy. I do not know if it helps with the odds of getting back over the lines but I try to find some woods to land by hoping that helps my chances of escape. Good luck to you! It seems to be on your side today.

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