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Olham, i used my login name, samba_liten, when i submitted my report.
Hope that doesn't cause too much confusion.

Fred, it does, as you can see in Jim_Attrill's post (he collects the reports from everyone).
Please everybody - enlist with your forum name.

Fred, I liked the idea, that your pilot is an Alsacian, with a French mother even -
and he has still to fight for Germany.
I wonder how he felt - I know the people from Alsace find it hard to decide if they feel
they are French or German; too often were they pushed and pulled from one to the other country.

Jim_Attril, can you change the name "Samba_lite" into "Fred"?
And could you send me the collected records tomorrow midday or afternoon?
I will make the first graphic chart then.

So we got started, and it went good, it seems.
Most flyers seem to have been more lucky than my comrade Jimfred (JFM) or myself were in Kasta 8.
We had a very nasty start; his 8 minutes, and my 38 mins must be a low-end record.
We both even got wounded and have to be in hospital for some days.
It can only get better (or so I hope...)

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