Scout, I didn't want us to get that "sinking feeling" - but it comes anyway.
All I wanted to create with Jim's and Lou's great assistance, was a campaign experience together with like-minded flyers,
where the bias is all on survival and the permanent awareness of the threats of life everywhere around us -
while victories, promotions and medals are only just by-products of all the struggling.
Not unimportant ones though - we all want to receive awards for our hardships.
But firstly we just need to survive - it is a long way to the hundred hour mark, and to the "Blue Max" or it's Entente
equivalent. So long, that we can really only fly most careful and aware to have a chance at all.

And if it comforts you a little - I am already now beginning to feel that cold fear, when I climb into my crate -
with still less than 10 hours on my slate...

Vice-President of the BOC (Barmy OFFers Club)
Member of the 'Albatros Aviators Club' - "We know how to die with Style!"