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I've been seeing many deer around my place this spring, and thoughts of making Jadgwurst with venison have been on my mind lately. IDK...

Mmmmm!! Smoke pole or cartridge?


They haven't gone fully into sexual mode yet, and are largely unaware of of humans in the woods. Leaves are still on the trees and turning colour... good ambush spots.
....use sex as a lure!

Once fire arms season opens the deer are spooked and become very nocturnal.
That is mid November when all but the oak leaves are down.
Use a deer drive if you have fellow hunters to do it. I think the meat tastes different when an animal has been run, adrenalin (sp). This time of year is when I look to ambush an animal visiting a favorite food source at dusk or dawn, preferably dawn.

Come late December, smoke pole serason starts and the mass of firearms hunters have left, the deer are searching for food that is often snow covered. Food source hunting now, but they are much more hungary than in firearm season and often feed in mid day before a weather front occurs.