June 8, 1916: Dawn

That was...well, I had a chance to recover from yesterday's shock and enjoy the scenery.

After yesterday's cataclysm (one team dead, one team wounded, two craft destroyed) our CO threw us into the fire in a patrol east of Amiens near Arras, right along the Somme offensive. I lead a 'B' team of three, while the CO was observer for a one machine 'A' team.

I'm using Bletchey's 'OFF Pilot Personality Profiles' from the old campaign for my amusement, and one of my wingmates needed all of two days to decide he hates me: Apparently I was too familiar with the fears of war for his taste - fear isn't something real men talk about in his world. Today's discussion about who or what wet his cot just turned ugly.

So I'm determined to show him up if anything appears, and we should see alot of action in that sector. Right?

Wrong. It's dull, I even nod off at the controls for a few seconds here and there. Twice my wingmen (TAC) point out specks, but I never get a good look and they don't seem the least interested in us. After the better part of two hours we return without having fired a shot.

June 8, 1916: Afternoon

The last sortie left me with 2.95 hours of flight time in. I asked the CO very nicely if I could patrol/lone wolf around the airfield for a few minutes in lieu of the afternoon mission.

He refused, but seemed to take some mercy on me. A simple cake run: Fly to Bruay, a distance of some 6 miles, patrol for 25 minutes, go home. Two man flight. No problem.

That was, until the squad of Rolands bounced us about half way there.

I immediately corkscrewed downwards. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a friendly airfield - Savy and turned towards it. This let one of the Rolands get a good firing solution on me and he blasted my tail. I dove deeper, he passed overhead. I'm not sure, but I think he clipped my wing because suddenly the FE.2.b turned into a beast to handle (like it wasn't already) and my sight turned red.

I managed to land. Hard. I'll be spending several days in the hospital.


And several more idle. Has anyone successfully transferred yet?

I had my 3 hours in, so went ahead and picked where I'd like to transfer. I figured the game would process it instantly or nearly so and began fast forwarding - well, it's now June 27 in game and I don't have my answer. (I do have the workshop set to always approve transfers)

I'm wondering if there's a bug.